Ask me to write about any subject and I will happily oblige. But writing about myself is a different matter. Everything I say about myself sounds boring or self-serving. I study other author bios, and they are self-serving but interesting. I have an interesting life because I have interesting friends. But if I write about them it sounds as if I am name-dropping, which of course brings me back to self-serving. What’s a girl to do? Would someone give me a clue?


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. I have found that God has a history of giving His messengers personal “horn tooters.” I recommend that you retain a competent writer to write your bio and then leave it alone until it needs updating. Just like a good Forward helps set up a book for its reader, a good bio helps the speaker’s audience prepare to receive their message and to make some helpful associations (if you want them to) to build trust and credibility.

  2. Keverall said:

    I agree with you entirely. If someone asks me what I do or have done for a particular organisation I just say “ask someone else what I have done for this organisation”, which is very hard when you have to promote yourself

  3. Jan (Saylor) Cuddy said:

    Hello Julie, I have not seen you for decades. We were at the same Bible College years ago and I have so enjoyed reading your devotions through the years. I found your website because I wanted to know a little more about what you have been doing. So, I think you should write your own autobiography. You have touched the lives of so many through the years and in some way we are connected to you already. To learn a little bit more about someone else’s life is such a privilege. It is so encouraging to see that you are a real person. We have learned some things about you through your devotions. For instance we know you are from a very small town where people knew each other and cared about each other. We, your readers, care about you as well. A life well lived, and lived for our Lord, could never be boring. Please write about yourself, and please continue writing what God puts in your heart to share with others about our daily walk in this journey called life. God bless, Jan (Saylor) Cuddy.

    • thomas welsh said:

      Dear Julie: I don’t have the same depth of you that Jan Cuddy speaks of, but I totally agree with her assessment. I know you only through your writings for ODB, and they have touched a place in my heart for the Lord. These are the true realities of what a brother or sister in the Lord go through…they are always pointed to Him who gives strength, mercy,grace and love to all of us. Please continue on the journey God has given you. You have blessed. Thank you.

  4. Jeanette Heinrichs said:

    Hi Julie,
    Every time I have read your message in the Daily Bread, I enjoyed it, and wonder if you are related to Jack and Eunice Link in Michigan.Eunice is my cousin.

    Jeanette Heinrichs

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